The digital water cooler for Worcestershire

Worcester Space is the Slack channel that connects the technical, innovation, and business professionals across Worcester and Worcestershire.

What is Slack? Join for free

What is Slack?

Slack is the chat platform we've chosen to host Worcester Space. It it ubiquitous across businesses in many industries, provides communications features aimed at enterprise, and is available for us to use for free.

Why Join? Join for free

Why Join?

Make Connections

Meet and chat with others within the local area.

Solve Problems

With the expertise of the entire community supporting you.

Keep Informed

If something is happening, you can bet we know about it.

It's Free

It costs nothing but your participation.

Joining is quick and easy, you'll be glad you did.

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Who is Behind This?

Worcester Space is a collaboration between a collective of local meetup groups, aimed at promoting engagement across the community, and facilitating communication outside of the regular meets they host. Find out more about the groups below: